Welcome to our 6th Annual Golf Tournament Page

The Pingman Par 3 Classic ~ June 24th 2007


Dale Fehr is our Winner for 2007!

Congratulations, Dale! (2yrs in a row!!)

Dale’s Score: 36




Dale Fehr: 1st Place Score: 36               Barney Gavino: 2nd Place Score: 37

Cathy Gavino: tied for 3rd Place Score: 42     Kyle Fitzpatrick: tied for 3rd Place Score: 42

Suzie Mershon: 4th Place Score: 52.            Nice picture of Kyle and Dale on 1st Tee.

Here we all are in action on the 1st Tee!

Click here!


Congratulations everyone!!

We had a great time playing together!

Stormin’ Norman poured in on thick! Almost had to trade our clubs in for oars!

We did it! J Thanks for coming out everyone!







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