Taking Time Out for Friends….


Time for friends

Watch the video of Dora Mary Sweeney and Gloria Thompson!

Click on the link above (Time for friends)


Look for the arrow to Play


Dora Mary Sweeney and Gloria Thompson

Lifetime friends…


Skip the cheese, say: “Onion’s!”

Makes you laugh more and brings out a lot of expressions of your character!

Onions have similar characteristics to people….many layers to the history of our being.

Share what you know, learn as you grow! (that’s what I always tell my kid’s!)

Thank you, Dora Mary and Gloria,

for the lifetime lessons of sharing a wonderful friendship.

Love you both! J Cathy

(I’m the younger onion of the bunch in the back on the right)


Dora Mary, Gloria and Renae (my daughter! The youngest “onion of the bunch!”)


Dora Mary and Cathy

Helping Dora Mary with her e-mail! Got to stay in touch! J …anyway and every way possible.

Thanks, Dora Mary for having us over today!

We all had a really nice time.


With Love,





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