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Megan's Grad Nite!

Congratulations, Barney!

Our 7th Annual Golf Tournament Winner!

The Pingman Par 3 Classic 2008

13th Annual BBQ 2008

Maui Family Vacation May 2008


Dad�s Web page

Girl�s Night Out 2008

Happy Mother�s Day!


Tribute to Gloria Thompson

Girls 50th Birthday Weekend

2nd Year




Time for Friends with Dora Mary and Gloria!

Pictures with Santa!

Barney�s First Trip to Brandon and Breanna�s Home

12th Annual BBQ 2007

6th Annual Golf Tournament

The Pingman Par3 Classic


5th Annual Golf Tournament:

The Pingman Par 3 Classic ~ 2006

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2006

11th Annual BBQ

Congratulations, Dale! Our 2006 Golf Tournament Winner!

Gloria�s Bible Study Class

4th of July 2004 at the Thompson's!

Maui, HI Wedding & Honeymoon Highlights

Cathy�s 50th

Family Photo Album

Neil and Irene�s BBQ


Kyle�s Page

Erin�s Page

Renae�s Page

Elisa�s Page

Brandon�s Page


Megan�s Page





Brandon�s First Trip Home



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